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Digitalni merni instrumenti


MulticubeMulti-Function Meter 96x96mm MULTICUBEDownload

For measurement of electrical parameters
3 x 400VAC mains / 3 x 5A isolated current inputs,
230VAC auxiliary supply; Cut-out dimensions 96 x 96 mm;
backlight LCD-display; auto range; 1 puls output; not extendable

Product-code: Parameters  
MULTICUBE 2 400V/5A total 22  
MULTICUBE 2 - RS485 total 22 incl. MOD-Bus interface RS485
MULTICUBE 4 400V/5A total 35  
MULTICUBE 4 - RS485 total 35 incl. MOD-Bus interface RS485
MULTICUBE 6 400V/5A total 41  
MULTICUBE 9.4 400V/5A total 41 4 quadrant measurement (Import Export)



RetrofitRetrofit Modul for MULTICUBE

For additional features of Multicube

MULTICUBE RS485 230V MOD-Bus interface RS485
MULTICUBE MOD.4-20MA analog output 4x 4-20mA

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